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The company's man

As many of you know, I am current hunting for a job. It really amazes me how companies’ core values and motto play an important role in job applications.

Here’s an example to illustrate my point:

Candidates are asked to share his/her past experience (at previous workplace or in school) that demonstrates the core-values of the company.

Company’s Values: Trustworthy, Straightforward, Inspiring, Heart *******************************

I see a loophole here…. what the candidate says, be it real or fabricated, is reduced to impress the interviewer.

Somehow I feel these values will end up as head knowledge and in actual fact, nobody practices that in the real working environment. Our Polis Diraja Malaysia has their own set of core-values too: Mesra, Cepat dan Betul. You can be the judge whether or not these core-values are being uphold and practiced.

I understand perfectly well that these values are important. They not only convey the emphasis of the company, it serves also as a guideline for recruiters and interviewers in choosing the right candidate in-line with the company’s motto.

For me, I think there are other more important things in job applications, like having sufficient knowledge about the company’s core business, the job specification for the role that you are applying for, the job scope, the skill set required and etc.

Maybe I should come up with my core-values too!! Hhhmmm….let me see..
DDD: Determined, Dedicated and…... Desperate for a job? =p

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a sour grape experience…..just trying to share my 2cents in this issue.

Other possible words…..
DDD: Down to earth? Dead serious? Dare Devil? Down right hardworking? Dare to be different?

No, definitely not Linux-gnu’s Data Display Debugger.

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well, thats just one perspective of looking at it, for alot of MNC evaluates secretly via other means, e.g. i know of a company that rates you the moment you step into the company, even the receptionist at the front desk gives you a score…but the company i was talking to you about…the one that sells oil…well..they claim by setting values, its an objective assessment for equal opportunity, the truth is..in the employment world..if you want a good job, you need to display what their looking for…and its really the interviewer’s job to determine who is real and who is fake..=) all the best with the job hunt!

#1hlpe  ::  23 July 2008, 00:50  ::  #

Hannah, thanks for the tips. Frankly, this is my first time applying for a job. It’s a good thing u shared with me the techniques and highlight to me the things certain companies are looking for. It is true that being well-informed and being prepared is essential.

Many thanks to my other chums who provided inside tips of their company. =)

#2meisin  ::  23 July 2008, 13:23  ::  #

I’ve dealt with some of these MNCs when it comes to academic-industry collaborations, and honestly speaking, 80% of them only know how to talk a.k.a. panjang cerita. And, when they intro themselves or talk about their lofty plans, they will tell u about all their nilai-nilai murni, right from the textbook, as predicted. The fact is, these ppl’s core values are all shaped around $$$ (obviously that’s what matters coz that’s what got them to where they are now), so it’s hard to talk sense into them from our point of view. Moreover, their cheques take like 6 months to reach me (once), so much of being Efficient, Trustworthy, Reliant, blabla…

Maybe I’m such a purist when it comes to this that I don’t care what image (or pseudo-image) that these companies care so much about… If the company can appreciate my image and want me, then they probably see something. Why put up some image for show??

But hrmmhphgh, I know lots of good companies that don’t need all these tag-words or tag-lines. Unfortunately, they aren’t here. :-)

#3johnsee  ::  24 July 2008, 17:34  ::  #

oh.. i am so SETUJU with what john said… “Maybe I’m such a purist when it comes to this that I don’t care what image (or pseudo-image) that these companies care so much about… If the company can appreciate my image and want me, then they probably see something. Why put up some image for show??”

#4sue of cps-is  ::  28 July 2008, 08:23  ::  #

john…..it’s a pity that such good companies are not here. I am quite sure that IBM’s Almaden Research Center or Oracle Research Center does not have any tag-lines.

Let’s hope that we won;t be like one of those NATO people….“No action Talk Only”.

Sue, how nice if we can be accepted for who we are. I always believe that a good company and a good boss are able to bring out the best in their employees.

#5meisin  ::  29 July 2008, 13:32  ::  #

Hi, Mei SIn,
Would greatly encourage you to read God is my CEO, if you haven’t already. It has inspired me in this time of job-moving as well, that somewhere outthere there IS a job where God’s love and the values that He taught us are upheld. =) Praying for HIs direction and blessings. =)

#6sharon amrita  ::  30 July 2008, 16:38  ::  #

Sharon, thanks for your advice. Indeed, working in a place where God’s values are uphold is of utmost importance. =) Somehow, I feel a place like that will guarantee me job satisfaction. I have been seeking the Lord’s direction when it comes to my career path. I believe and trust that He knows what’s best for me!

I have been wanting to read “God is my CEO” since dunno when. Maybe i can borrow it from u =)

#7meisin  ::  1 August 2008, 15:15  ::  #

you’re lucky… where I used to work the motto was “we’ll have domenico fix it”. I spent 90% of my time kicking into submission pieces of code written by blindfolded monkeys… horrible. eeek.

at least the money was good, tho… nevertheless, after my first contract expired I packed my metaphorical suitcase and said buh-bye.

good luck! :)

#8domenico  ::  6 October 2008, 23:38  ::  #

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