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Changes & Adjustments

I am back for about 2 months now. Do I feel glad to be back? Well of course! This is afterall my home, where my family and old friends are. At the same time, I can’t help but feel a bit apprehensive for all the changes and adjustments I have to go through.

Information Overload
Did I ever mention that in Europe, I walked around “blissfully”, totally oblivious of what is going on around me? This is simply because I don’t speak their language. But now, as I stroll around in a shopping mall, I find I can understand everyone!! People on the handphone, people talking among themselves, signboards, announcements, .....it’s information overload for me. It was scary at first.

Right hand side driver
The whole of Europe practice left hand side driving. I don’t drive in Europe, but as a pedestrian, I have to get used to the whole system there. As I wait for the buses and trams, I have to always remember to wait on the correct side of the road (waiting at the wrong side of the road will bring me to the opposite direction). As for escalators, the left one is usually used for descending and the right for ascending. Now back home, I have to readjust myself to right-hand side driving. Once, as I stood on an escalator, I felt totally confused as to which side I should stand in order to allow people rushing for time to pass through. Without even finish thinking, I have already reached the end of the escalator. Aarrrggghh, it’s so confusing!!

Pedestrian : Lowest precedence
For a brief period of time, I enjoyed being the King of the road. Cars, bicycle, trams and all sorts of vehicles stop for pedestrians. Here the hierarchy is the total opposite…..I am now literally at the bottom of the “transportation-chain”. Dodging vehicles is part of road crossing here. It’s horrible =(

What have I been doing lately?
hhmmm….nothing much. I think i am still living in a state of daze….with so many changes happening and so many things uncertain. Do you know that I am still living out of my suitcase? I am currently a sojourner/nomad in my own home (in Seremban), in John’s place, and also in my relatives’ houses. One of the favorite past-time is attending job interviews =P. I have lost the “midas” touch in cooking, some of the dishes turned out quite crappy.

In order to help myself adjust better, I have a few resolutions:
– have to shake off sluggishness, as I will be starting work soon
– have to be more determined, hardworking and more focused in what I do.
– have to be more disciplined in replying sms-es, emails and all kinds of messages.
– have to finish reading all the books I am currently reading, finish the 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle I started…...

That should sum up what I have been going through lately. =)

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meisin, i’ve moved to the above blog.

#1krystyn  ::  26 August 2008, 21:33  ::  #

yup…..young one…..will read it when i have the time =)

#2meisin  ::  12 December 2008, 11:41  ::  #

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