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World Vision, world mission

As a continuation from my previous post “The World is Flat”, here’s more elaboration in the work of World Vision.

John is currently participating in the “Sponsor a child” programme.
This is the child John is sponsoring. She’s Purevjargal Khureltogoo, from Mongolia.

Background: She lives in Nalaikh, which is about 35km east of the Mongolian capital, Ulaanbataar. It has a population of 21,237, in which 40% are Khazaks. Average income is RM95 a month. Many people are chronically ill or disabled, and there are a number of unemployed widows with children.

The goals of World Vision is to develop the leadership and organizational skills of the people; provide opportunity for the community to identify and combat the root causes of their poverty; ensure economic justice by providing opportunities for the development of new and innovative income generation ventures for the poor; care for the children’s education and health.

Every month, John contributes RM50 to provide assistance to this little girl and the community she’s in. The key interventions outlined by World Vision include: Clean water, education, health care, food & agricultural development and economic development.

Here are more pictures:

This is the Khureltogoo family.

Photo taken when she was 7.

This is her recent photo, she’s 9.

As a stamp collector, I get excited whenever John gets a report/letter from World Vision =)

Every year, World Vision sends an annual progress report to sponsors. In it, you can see the current well-being of the child, and there’s even a small section for the child to draw.

I can see how John lights up when he talks about his sponsored child. =) There are plans to buy her some nice stationaries for Christmas. Who knows maybe in future, we might join World Vision’s trip to visit Mongolia!

I personally think that this is such a wise way to spend that RM50. Just imagine how many children we can sponsor and how many lives can be impacted when we make small sacrifices like this.

I’m planning to sponsor a child too…..when I get my salary!!

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