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I love staying in the capital city....at times

To be honest, I hate living in Selangor or KL. A lot may beg to differ. Who doesn’t want to live in a big city, where all the fuss and buzz are? Well, not me.

Why do I prefer small and quiet town to happening and vibrant KL? Simple!!
I don’t like to get caught in a traffic jam to and from work.
I don’t like to queue up ALL the time.
I don’t like to wait so long to get a carpark on a weekend in shopping centers.
I don’t like the fact that it needs more than 30 minutes drive to get to places.

I feels like I am wasting my life away with all these unnecessary waste of precious time.

However, once in awhile, I appreciate staying in the capital city. One such good example is the 1st Putrajaya International Hotair Balloon Fiesta 2009.

Took the opportunity to take some photos.

For the complete list of photos:

Putrajaya Hotair Balloon Fiesta

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that’s what traveling is for – into the city and into the country

#1lee  ::  7 April 2009, 15:07  ::  #

Traveling to and living in a city is altogether a different thing. Eg: I would love to visit Hong Kong…..but to stay there?? HHmmm…...maybe not =p

#2meisin  ::  8 April 2009, 14:01  ::  #

i totally get you! all foreigners seem to LOVE tokyo but to actually live and work here is totally a different matter altogether (+.+)

oh btw, i wanted to check out your photog site, but i was expecting tonnes more pics :D

#3snoflek  ::  15 April 2009, 23:29  ::  #

I’m moving back for good :) I love it in Klang Valley.
Not cos of the buzz, but just having everyone here…. makes me feel so at home! Although not looking forward to the traffic and jam…. not the toll either. :P But it’s worth it… at least for now :P

#4schen  ::  17 April 2009, 22:20  ::  #

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