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They know what we did last summer!!

One fine Saturday after evening service, John was shocked to find this piece of paper pin down on the windscreen of his car.
The first thought that came to my mind was, “who is this person? He/she must be our friend…......and a very cute and sampat one.”

Clearly I was actually more entertained than I was worried that someone knew what we did at Bali. I think the whole world knew we went to Bali for our honeymoon…..so what we did at Bali? Duh!!? =p

After much guessing, in the end we managed to unveil the mask of the person who did this. Yes, i was right…..very cute and sampat. It reminded me what friends are for: to scare and to entertain u, they are people to laugh at and to cry with.

To all my friends out there…..I look forward to more surprises. Life would be so dull without all of u =).

John and I spent a week in Bali.
Check out the photos here:
Holiday Photos 2009/

Here are some shots which I think worthy as postcards =)

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was he/she at Bali during that time?

#1Lee  ::  5 August 2009, 10:06  ::  #

Nope. It’s a SHE and u know her too!! =p Happy guessing.

#2meisin  ::  5 August 2009, 10:46  ::  #

Wah!!! she is indeed very CUTE and Sampat!!!! Do i know her???????

#3Zara  ::  6 August 2009, 00:20  ::  #

There’s more …. click here to see “our” pics… but the picasa album has all sorts of pics, nicely categorized.

#4john  ::  10 August 2009, 15:59  ::  #

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