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Dude, what's with that expression?!

Many of us do not notice, but Kelvin has been silently “hijacking” our photos with his antics.

A scroll through old photos made us realize that he has been doing this for ages! I’m so surprised that very few of us managed to detect it! Let’s all say to him “Dude, what’s with that expression?!” =p=p

Don’t believe me? Below here are my proofs!! =)

Exhibit A: At Wee Lee’s wedding

Exhibit B: In one of the cell’s wallop session

Exhibit C: At Angeline’s farewell @ KLIA. How come there’s no Angeline in the photo? It’s because we are “pretending” it to be Sarah’s farewell =p

Exhibit D: At VBS 2008

Exhibit E: What the??? Ultraman? Baja hitam??

Exhibit F: At KLIA

Exhibit G: In 2007’s cell retreat. This is by far the best!!!! I vote this photo as the winner!! In fact, John blogged about this here. He called it the “Kodak moments”.

So, after looking at all my proofs, are you like me, itching to ask him “Dude, what’s with the expression!?” ?
John and I couldn’t stop laughing when we compiled these photos of him. Little did we know about Kelvin’s funny and cute side. Yup, this is the crazy version of Kelvin….as captured on photos.

Well…this is not really a post to expose Kelvin of his mischieve, it’s a post to let Kelv know that, “YOU ARE THE BEST, THERE’S STILL SO MUCH WE YET TO DISCOVER”.

Kelv, it’s your birthday today. On behalf of the whole cell group, we would like to wish you “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”. You are such a faithful follower of Christ, and we see that faithfulness week-in week-out. You never miss cell, you are always the dependable one, you are such a good servant leader, quietly serving us in so many ways. When I say this, I am sure I echo the words of not just Koinonians, but many of your friends out there as well.

Thanks for being John’s best-man. Thanks for taking care of John and keeping him accompanied when I was not around!!! Thanks for lending us your backpack. Thanks for the birthday presents. Thanks!!!

I guess it’s payback time for you….after u copied my timetable and my assignments back in uni days! Hahhahahahahahah.

Now back to Kelvin’s expression. I guess he became a great actor after all the movies that he has watched. Well, I think it all started in MMU CF. We MMU CF-ers are really a big bunch of highly talented drama-kings & drama-queens. See photo below for evidence.

Can you spot Kelvin??

Hey I just realized that Lih Hern is not in this photo. Wei, where were you? A belated birthday wish to Lefthanded Lih Hern as well =D

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hahahaha LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE! you should have the LIKE button on your website LIKE facebook. this post really made me laugh sooooo much. reminds me of just how much i miss all the lovessssss of my lifes in koinonia.

#1little one  ::  23 August 2009, 18:36  ::  #

Hey thanks! I think I should also collect all the past photos which I’ve taken, which also got weird poses, and post it up somewhere :P

#2Kelvin  ::  23 August 2009, 22:19  ::  #

Kelvin is the best man!

#3Lee  ::  24 August 2009, 09:16  ::  #

This is great! Thanks Mei Sin! What a tribute to a great guy. I think I have some similar looking photos in my iPhoto file! :-)

#4kristy  ::  24 August 2009, 11:43  ::  #

Yeah, let’s find all Kelvin’s photos and compile them!! If any of you have Kelvin’s funny photos, please send to me =)

#5meisin  ::  24 August 2009, 14:44  ::  #

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