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First encounter with Nikon D90

Finally got a chance to get my hands on Nikon D90. This one of the best birthday presents!! I’ve been drooling over a DSLR for quite a long time now, finally got my wish fulfilled! =)
Thanks dear!!!

Initial comments: I’m very pleased with my new “precious”. Am extremely satisfied with its performance….but it could be better if I’ve got an adjustable flash.

Initial tests:

Challenge: Indoor, low light condition.
Test: Pass, very good white balance to compensate dim environment.

Challenge: Shoot a moving object / shoot from a moving object (car).
Test: Pass, but image could be clearer if shutter speed is faster.

Challenge: Kids portraits, needs a fast shutter speed because it’s difficult to get kids of pose still for photos.
Test: Pass, but image could be sharper.

Test: Pass, because it made John’s dinner look more scrumptious that it is…hahah =p

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Thanks Sharon, looking forward for more Nikon talks with u =)

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