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Putting a face to the voice

I work in a virtual environment where almost all meetings are conducted through teleconferencing and Mobile Office Communicator calls. After a round of project restructring, I’m the only Malaysian working in a Hong Kong project. That means that I’m the only one based in KL, whilst my project team members are all based in Hong Kong. Not just HK, I deal a lot with central team who are based in the UK.

After months of working, I am totally familiar with their voices! Unfortunately I do not have a chance of putting a face to their voice.

So this is how I work. Talking to colleagues and corresponding through emails without actually meeting them. My wandering mind sometimes imagine how they look like based on their voices.

Oh, how I long to have a chance to meet some of them face-to-face. Over the months, we’ve build such good relationship. How nice if I can be given a chance to meet them in person, to give a grateful handshake, to show an assuring smile, to acknowledge with a nod, to laugh heartily to a joke…and etc.

I’m not complaining….on a contrary, I think virtual working can be good sometimes. As much as I want to express my thanks and show my gratitude, in a lot of situation, I can camouflage how tired, how frustrated, how angry I am. At least through the phone, I can appear more diplomatic than I look in person =p.

Just sharing my thoughts on a uneventful Tuesday afternoon, wishing only to meet my colleagues miles away.

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me too, i wish to meet my colleagues in the US whom we’ve developed such close relationships with…

#1Lee  ::  29 December 2009, 17:31  ::  #

Hahhahah…..thanks Wee Lee, your comment makes me feel that at least i am normal! i know….add them in facebook!! =)

#2john  ::  31 December 2009, 14:49  ::  #

in my current job, i deal a lot with UK and US offices, and if not for certain events happening in our KL office, i wouldnt be able to meet them f2f too. for those whom i have yet to meet, like you, i am curious how they look like, and how they really are in person :)

btw, glad to see you’re blogging again. it’s been some time! :D

#3snoflek  ::  27 February 2010, 02:45  ::  #

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