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Murphy's Law

I know, I know, I am an idealist. This was the comment given by my ex-colleague many years ago when I was a fresh grad. I have to agree with him, I expect things to turn out according to plan and things to happened as anticipated. I get totally upset if they didn’t. A few years of working has decrease of level of idealism. I’ve learn to prepare for the worst, think of escape routes, come up with mitigation steps and other what-nots.

I guess the biggest learning for me is to DEAL with the challenges as they come along. Project management is all about that. In the real world, what may potentially go wrong WILL most likely go wrong. That’s murphy’s law!

Life is not perfect. What may potentially go wrong WILL most likely go wrong. Yes, this is true in every aspects of life…..but good thing is I am a stronger person now. I have confidence that I can handle all things, with the help from above, with the support and love from family and friends.


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