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Blogging continues......

If you have noticed, I’ve stopped blogging for awhile now. When I opened my blog…...it says my last post was 353 days ago!!! I’m not surprised, I know I’ve not been blogging. Tulips is slightly more active in the blogging world than I am, but can see he’s equally sluggish =p
I suppose Facebook have taken over blogging!!

Once again….blogging continues. It’s not so much to attract readership, but it’s a way for me to ‘broadcast’ my latest updates to my family and friends. And not to mention, it serves as my own online journal, a place where I can log down my own ups and downs, highlights and ‘low’ points, my reflections, my observations and other what nots. =)

I am reviving back some of my old features on this blog….first up is the weather sticker =). I’m back in the mode of checking daily weather forecast (this is not something common back home in Malaysia, the land of perpectual sunshine).

Looking forward to a year of active blogging (hopefully)......stay tuned :)

Should I change the look and the colour scheme? Throw in some fancy flash maybe? hhmmm…...

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sluggish ar? :)
Anyway, I think nowadays people don’t care about flash stuff. I think putting a Like button for blog comments or blog post will be more popular. Also, try and get RSS Graffitti app on facebook to work, so that what you post here will be broadcast in facebook wall. I’m using that now….

#1johnsee  ::  29 March 2011, 17:20  ::  #

It’s time for you to pick up baking again…

#2tch  ::  30 March 2011, 03:11  ::  #

TCH: yes..once my baking stuff arrive, i will get into action ;)
It’s cheaper to get cake ingredients here….eg: butter here is much cheaper!
Oh no….i am so gonna put on weight :(

#3meisin  ::  30 March 2011, 17:40  ::  #


No need to worry too much on your putting on weight. You will still consider “small” size among the brits. :-)

#4tch  ::  4 April 2011, 06:21  ::  #

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