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I feel quite at home!

This is a further elaboration of my facebook status posted the other day! I am feeling quite at home here in London….simply because I can understand the local language, watch their tv programmes, listen to local radio channels, drive a right-hand drive car, understand signboards, play badminton with the locals !! :):)

It might not appear to be a big deal…coz i will get the same experience if I am in Australia or NZ. Can’t object to that. I hope you’ll understand my excitement after you read my encounters below….

I was in northern Italy and Vienna for quite awhile. Their first language is Italian and German. I was utterly lost when I first arrived…..almost everything was in Italian or German. I couldn’t understand what people were saying, I can’t read the papers, I feel shy even to ask questions. When I turn on the TV, all shows are in the local language.

I remember once I switched on the TV and to my surprise they were showing Kungfu hustle….in German!!

Buying groceries can be difficult …...most times intelligent guessing is needed. Example buying vegetable, I had to figure out what is Ruccolasalat, Stangensellerie, Kohl, Weisskraut, Vogerlsalat, Kohlrabi, Eissalat and etc.

Not just that, the same technique is needed when I am in the library.

Don’t get me wrong….I love Italian and German, i would definitely have picked them up if i were given more time. I am just saying that it can be too overwhelming for a new resident like me.

So I’m loving it here…....it feels almost like home, except that life won’t be the same without my family, cellies and close friends around. Missing home….

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I can sympathise. After 4 days of not-understanding-the-language in Paris last December, I was soooo glad to get back to London. hahah

Enjoy your time in London! Soak up the theatre and concerts, laze around the museums. I still think those are the best parts of it. :Db

#1yuiny  ::  1 April 2011, 15:23  ::  #

Hi Yuiny, it felt miserable didn’t it…=p
Esp when the French are particularly nasty to english speaking people…hahhaha.

Yes, that’s the plan – to visit all the museums, BBC proms, Wimbledon, football matches, threatres, musicals, concerts and everything!!! :)

#2meisin  ::  1 April 2011, 15:46  ::  #

The rule of thumb when you are in Frence – talk to them in Mandarin or even Malay. I bet they will speak to you in English. I am speaking from experience though.

You missed out the point that you can now running under the nice weather in London (without much sweeting)

Musicals – check out Les Miserables and Lion King!!!

Lastly it is just a phone call away from your dearest friends and family in Malaysia!


#3tch  ::  4 April 2011, 06:31  ::  #

Yes, when dealing with the French we need to have some tactics. They are just simply mean to english speaking people! :(

Yes yes, i am definitely going for Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, ballets and BBC Proms :)
There are so many things to do in London…it’s amazing :):)

#4meisin  ::  10 April 2011, 09:15  ::  #

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