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Jogging is back on schedule

Yes, the weather is turning warmer…jogging is back on schedule!! The temperature, the humidity and the scenery is just perfect for a quick jog around the city! :)

One day after work last week, the condition was simply too good not to go outdoors for an exercise.
It was around 17 degrees and humidity was 40+%. It’s so much easier to breathe as compared to the 89% of humidity back home in Malaysia.

I jogged from Lambeth bridge all the way to Millenium bridge and back.
In between, I jogged past Westminster bridge, Hungerford foot bridge, Waterloo bridge and Blackfriar bridge. It was quite a satisfying run.

There are the bridges I saw:
(1) Lambeth bridge

(2) Westminster bridge

(3) Foot bridge that connects South Bank Centre to Charing Cross.
From Charing Cross, China town is just within walking distance.

(4) Waterloo Bridge

(5) Blackfriar Bridge

(6)Millenium Bridge

By the time I reach Millenium Brigde, it was already sunset (around 8pm) and i managed to capture this beautiful shades of a setting sun.

Next time I’ll attempt a more adventurous feat….jogging all the way to Tower Bridge!! :)

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what about jog to work every morning? there is a pretty good gym facility in SC where you can take a nice and warm shower before start your work….

#1tch  ::  11 April 2011, 18:01  ::  #

If i have short hair….i will totally go exercise in the morning, shower and then go to work. Having long hair is really of a hassle…..you need to wash, blow dry, and put all sorts of cream, oil and what nots….it’s just too much trouble =p

#2meisin  ::  11 April 2011, 22:27  ::  #

Then get a hair cut to short hair! Lesser shampoo, cream, oil and whatever non-environmental friendly stuff needed to maintain your SHORT hair. Save money!!! :P

#3tch  ::  14 April 2011, 03:39  ::  #

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