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UK - the tea drinking nation

Tea drinking is one of the many things influenced by my other half. To kick start my day, I have to have a cup of steaming tea with milk (no sugar though). Just like many of us who needs a cup of coffee, for me a cup of tea will do the trick.

Good news….I am in the right place! According to wikipedia, UK is the 3rd country that consumes the most amount of tea per capita. I think tea is their national drink…just like how wine is to France / Italy and how beer is to Germany.

This is our favourite so far…..good ol’ traditional English tea.

There are many many different variations…...

My brother-in-law’s favourite is Yorkshire Tea. John found this tea in Tesco…and the price is much lower as compared to shops in Melbourne. We will start planning how to mass transport this back home! =p

Maybe I should organize an English Tea Party someday!! =)

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I thought you have started to drink “kwai lo” herbal tea??? :p

#1tch  ::  21 April 2011, 19:17  ::  #

The one we like is the Yorkshire ‘Gold’, more expensive but with better flavour!

#2Pa  ::  21 April 2011, 21:29  ::  #

If i wanna turn red within seconds and fall into a deep sleep within minutes….then i’ll drink “kwai lo” herbal tea ;)

#3meisin  ::  21 April 2011, 21:36  ::  #

Ya, just realized that this one doesn’t have the “Gold” label, maybe not so kao. But, anyway, cheap enough to last us for awhile, hehe.

#4johnsee  ::  21 April 2011, 23:25  ::  #

Yes, the Yorkshire Gold is good. I always used PG tips. But the big question is: do you put milk in first or last? It’s a huge debate! Are you pre or post lactarian. :-)

#5kristy  ::  22 April 2011, 01:06  ::  #

Kristy, i didn’t know we can put the milk in first! haha. I did, however, try to boil the milk and then add the tea bag into the boiling milk…didn’t work…coz i guess the boiling point for milk is much lower than water, so the effect wasn’t that good.
HHmm…let me try doing the pre-lactarian! =p

#6meisin  ::  28 April 2011, 00:21  ::  #

the italians would prefer some foaming fun on top. :)

Maybe the better way is to heat the milk separately and add to it after that…

#7johnsee  ::  3 May 2011, 23:18  ::  #

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