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First encounter with snow!!!

Snow in spring time?? Well, I didn’t say that I was in Bolzano =p. Was in Schnalstal for the Ice Music Concert. By the way, Schnalstal is the german name for Val Senales. If u are following my blog, you’ll know that I intend to come back here for the snow… and that I did!

The date was 17 March, my first real encounter with snow!! Boy, was I excited. Was sharing with my friends, telling them that in Malaysia, the only chance we get to see snow was through the television (forget about the artificial ones up in Genting). Now I finally got a chance to have a “upclose and personal” encounter with this wonderful, white, soft substance call snow.

Oh ya…the main agenda was to attend the Ice Music concert. The musical instruments are made out of ice!! Really amazing…. More information about this event here.

The temperature was -6 celcius, and it was really really cold. At the end of the trip, I was practically shivering, as my shoes and gloves got wet because of the snow. Well, at least I get to have the “cliff-hanger” experience!


Photo collection of Schnalstal Adventure

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Wow! Snow in March. Winter is getting later and later nowadays due to global changes in seasons. But, I think spring is just around the corner, can see Bolzano’s weather going up a bit everyday. :P

You must be enjoying it a lot, playing with the snow. I really hope to see how summer is over there. It’s ok, I can’t stand cold very well, hehe.

#1johnsee  ::  19 March 2007, 11:15  ::  #

I like Snow! wish i will have chance to actually go Italy one day and play with snow.

Din get to chat with u for a long time already. Miss u. :)

#2SuLin  ::  2 April 2007, 19:28  ::  #

John: Schnalstal is a famous skiing resort, they have snow all year round. When u come over during summer and if u feel like playing with snow, it’s possible!!! =p

Sulin: Miss u too!!!!!!!!!!! How are u? Hope everything’s fine for u. I’ll be back this July, can’t wait to see all u guys in cell.

#3meisin  ::  5 April 2007, 11:32  ::  #

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