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Tips on backpacking in Europe

  1. Backbone friendly backpack Don’t overload your backpack. You’ll be backpacking not going on a luxury tour. It’s normally wise to pack only about 70-80% full, you can get new t-shirts (which also serve as souvenirs) along the way. Or else, you may break your back on your trip.
  2. Say cheese!! There will be occasions when you and all your travel mates want a group photo. If you don’t have a tripod, look out for fellow tourists who are holding higher end cameras, preferably a SLR/dSLR. Chances are they are good photographers and your group photos will turn out nice. (I must apologize to the professional photographers who will be bugged as a consequence of this blog entry.)
  3. The letter ‘I’. Look out for the booths with the letter ‘I’. Information kiosks are everywhere in Europe. Find one as soon as you reach a city/town. You’ll be amazed by how much stuff they provide.
  4. Plan ahead. If you’re travelling by train, check the train schedule to plan ahead for the next day the moment you reach your destination. If they don’t provide you with a handy schedule booklet, get your camera and snap a photo of the schedule at the bulletin board!
  5. Who said you need to pay for everything? With the Euro, even a pee could cost as much as your lunch back home. You do not necessarily have to pay to go toilet, use the facilities in museums, restaurants and even on trains. You can get free maps and guides from tourist booths/centres (though not all the time). Trailing closely behind a tour group can also get you free information, hehe!
  6. Europe is full of drinking fountains. Fill up your canteen/bottle when you run dry! Bottled drinking water can be more expensive than beer at times unless you want to…
  7. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. It’s true that girls don’t read maps and guys don’t ask for directions (it’s true for us anyway…). So, work together as a team and compliment each other’s weaknesses.

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3 comment(s) to this post

i didn’t ask for directions when we were in italy…
first, they dun understand much english…
second, i know where i was going…
thank God for ah hoong… our walking compass and guide

#1phan  ::  11 September 2007, 10:26  ::  #

Yeah thank God for ah Hoong…always so informative and resourceful. Hope u guys had a great time in Italy.

#2meisin  ::  12 September 2007, 12:26  ::  #

Haiya…... So pai se le….. Thanks for the compliment. hehe…... I just want to know what are we expecting during the journey. But i can’t do it without Sis’s help as she help to photostat the review place by place. Sis, I give you all the credit….... Thanks Sis….. I really enjoy the Italy trip and the t-shirt that you bought for us.

#3lianghoong  ::  14 September 2007, 22:52  ::  #

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