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We left nothing but footprints

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.” That was exactly what John and I did on our 14-day backpacking trip in Italy. We took loads of photos, 4.7 GB in total. Good thing I brought my laptop along, where we could transfer the photos immediately whenever the camera memory cards are full.

This was our itinerary:

1. Trento (28th June)
2. Venice (30th June – 1st July)
3. Riva del Garda (1st – 2nd July)
4. Verona (2nd July)
5. Bologna (2nd – 3rd July)
6. Florence (3rd – 4th July)
7. Siena (4th – 5th July)
8. Rome (5th – 6th July)
9. Vatican City (6th July)
10. Perugia (6th – 7th July)
11. Pisa (9th July)
12. Cinque Terre (9th – 10 July)
13. Milan (10th – 11th July)
14. Munich (12th – 13th July)

We’ve learned a lot from this fortnight-long trip, enough to write a blog entry about the survival tips for backpacking in Europe. Please stay tune to the upcoming blog entry!

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mei sin, long time didnt hear from you. seems like you guys are really enjoying yourselves ya. good for you. must have a reunion with us MMU ppl ya.. :) .. cant wait till u upload pictures from your trip, tho it looks kinda hectic schedule to me but fun nevertheless..

#1rina  ::  29 August 2007, 14:15  ::  #

Hey Rina….nice surprise! I didn’t know u read my blog. Well…once John finish labeling the photos, we will publish the link to our photos. Hey we should have a big MMU gathering. Long time didn’t catch up with some of u. I missed Kah Hoong’s son’s full moon party =(

#2meisin  ::  29 August 2007, 20:37  ::  #

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