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Happy Birthday, mummy dearest!  :: 

Thank you…. Thank you for being there when I needed someone… Thank you for all the sacrifices made for us… Thank you for the words of wisdom and…

2008 - 毕生难忘的春节  :: 

今年已是第二年没在家, 和家人一起庆祝新年了。我真的好怀念和家人吃团年饭,讨红包,打麻将, 放鞭炮。。。。感谢主,虽然我身在异乡,但是我今年过了一个毕生难忘的新年。

正好像圣诞节,神提供了一群弟兄姐妹,和我一起共度佳节,让我可以感受到家的温馨。那天,在网上看到Petronas 的新年广告,觉得太有意思了,竟然感动到哭了起来(可以在 youtube 里看到)。

虽然今年和往年一样,没吃到团年饭,但是我今年却度过了一个很难忘的大年初一。我们的教会举办了一个春节活动,目的除了和教会里的同工一起庆祝新年以外,也借此机会,把朋友带到教会来, 让他们认识创造万物的耶和华。

好不可思议的是,我的华语竟然在维也纳进步了许多。可能是接触到许多的中国和台湾人,谈话时用了正宗的中文,不像在大马,说的都是“马文(马来西亚中文)“,就好像Manglish (Malaysian English) 一样,语言里掺杂了不同的方言。 在这里,我也品尝到台湾和中国的菜肴, 觉得好高兴,好幸福。
那包括了三杯鸭舌!! 觉得好奇怪,不知道原来鸭舌都可以拿来吃。我一个美国朋友知道这道菜之后, 很恐惧的问我,是否是真的。我就回答,“我也是第一次吃这一道菜!! 我们华人就是出名吃古怪的东西,凡是能动的,就把它烹调。不知道这是创意,还是恶心!!“




所谓“一年之计在于春“, 我要在这新的一年里,能多把神作为生活的中心, 用多一点的时间来追求和服侍耶和华。


Chinese New Year

TU ball  :: 

What happens when girls are dressed up in front of floor-to-ceiling mirrors? They can entertain themselves for hours there! It was an exciting and a…

A Home away from home  :: 

I feel so blessed to have a home away from home, a place where I can celebrate Christmas. I was invited over to Bianca…

The Season of Advent  :: 

Here’s something I didn’t know before….The Season of Advent. I see the word “Advent” everywhere I went. Even though the posters, flyers and advertisements are…

Erasmus Cocktail Party  :: 

Yesterday Erasmus students were cordially invited to a cocktail party by Vienna City Council. Erasmus?? Erasmus is a student exchange program, it has 2 major…

Congratulations, my little brother  :: 

Congratulations Stephen Lee, we are all so proud of you!! After 5 of years of toils and sweat, you’re finally an engineer. As you…

Happy Birthday My Dearest  :: 

Happy Birthday to you my dearest….. I just realized that we won’t be able to celebrate each other’s birthdays in 2 consecutive years! Like…

Happy Mid-autumn Festival  :: 

Today is mid-autumn festival – the 15th of the eighth month in the lunar calendar. A day when the moon is believed to be the…